Coronavirus update – IMPORTANT!

23rd March 2020

We regret that the centre in Darnall at Living Waters Church has CLOSED with effect from 24/03/2020.

However the foodbank remains OPEN at Burngreave only for our normal opening hours, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2-4pm.

To protect our volunteers and those coming to us we have had to implement the following changes;

  • We will not be inviting anyone into the centre. Food parcels will be prepacked and handed to clients at the door. Unfortunately this means that we are unable to offer our usual choice of foods, the only exception being that you may request a vegetarian option if you do not eat meat for any reason. If you have a medical condition that strictly requires specific food types, please contact us before coming.
  • We are now able to deliver food so if you require this option please ask your referral agency to inform us of this when they make the referral and provide a phone number so that we can contact you when the delivery is made. You will also need to let them know if you require a vegetarian food parcel or have any specific dietary requirements.
  • Please note that deliveries are only for people who need food because they can’t afford it, not for those who have money but are self-isolating. If you are unable to get to the shops to buy food there are a number of community groups who may be able to help you. See here for details
    We still require a voucher for every visit. People arriving at the foodbank without a referral will NOT be given food, but will be signposted to agencies where they can get a voucher.Referral agencies are requested whenever possible to continue to use our vouchers for a referral, but if this is not possible due to working at home, we are temporarily accepting an email that must include ALL the following details;

    • Full name of client
    • Full address, including postcode
    • Year of birth of client
    • Number of people in the household in each age category; 0-4, 5-11, 12-16, 17-24, 25-60, 60+
    • The reason for the referral
    • The full name of the referral agency as it appears on the vouchers, and name of the person making the referral.

    Please note that the email option is only available to  agencies who are already registered with us. We regret that we are unable to accept email referrals from other organisations who are not registered with us.

    Food donations are still very much needed and can be dropped off at our centre in Burngreave during our opening hours, Mon, Weds and Fri, 14.00-16.00. If you wish to bring food donations outside of these times, can you contact us first to ensure that someone will be at the foodbank to receive your donation.

    Alternatively you can place donations in either of our Tesco collection points at Tesco Extra (Savile Street) or Tesco Metro, Berkeley  Precinct, Ecclesall Road.

    Pitsmoor Adventure Playground have also very kindly agreed to take donations for the foodbank – please contact them for details.


    Thank you so much for your understanding and support at this very difficult time for us all.

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